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Useful information

Prohibited goods to import
  • Drugs;
  • Drugs (except medicines for personal use);
  • Poison;
  • Alcohol beverages that are stronger than 60%;
  • Guns and ammunition;
  • Potatoes;
  • Fireworks;
  • Plants or their parts for breeding;
  • Mammals, birds or exotic animals;
  • Foods products not from EEC Counties.
How to correctly measure the shipment?
  • The shipment or cargo is measured in a form which is planned to be sent.
  • The shipment or cargo is scaled or measured when it’s already packaged.
  • When there are several packages, they are measured separately.
  • The package is measured from the longest to the longest border.
H – height, W- width, L – length.
Volume is calculated by multiplying all the three sides (HxWxL=volume) box
Tips for packing the shipment
  • Seal your package with duck tape, but be aware that any package may be opened and checked by the Customs
  • Only proper packaging of the shipment ensures safe transportation. Because of the improper packaging you may lose the right to compensation if the package is damaged at the time of transportation.
  • Use durable packaging, since shipments may be put on top of each other during the transportation time, so the package has to withstand the weight of other packages.
  • Be aware that not fully filled boxes can fold, overloaded – tear.
  • Put fragile things in the middle of the box, so it doesn’t touch the walls. For the empty space around, use bubble wraps or foams beads. Put additional label ‘FRAGILE AND BREAKABLE ITEMS’
  • Also put into the package an additional copy of shipment’s document with addresses of the sender and the recipient.
  • Put important documents into impermeable bag to protect it from water or other liquids, and then put it into the envelope.
  • Put oily or strong odor emitting items into impermeable bag and tape it, then put it into another box or package. Remember, poor packaging can damage nearby items or other packages. Additionally pack small items or flyers.
  • Use additional packaging labels.

Additional packaging labels:

up Do not flip the package
fragile There are fragile and breakable things inside
water Keep the package from moisture
hand Handle with care

Download the package labels to print:

Packing labels

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t use textile packaging
  • Don’t wrap the package into the paper – it may tear and be separated from the shipment together with the documents of shipment.
  • Don’t send liquid materials in glass tare.
  • Don’t use polyethylene tape or rope to seal/tie the package.
  • Don’t use packaging labels as packaging material – it’s only used for informational purposes.
What can you import to Norway

Tax-free quota:

Without the limit to 6000/3000 NOK amount You can carry the fallowing quantities:

  • 1 l of alcohol beverages, containing from 22% to 60% alcohol volume
  • 1,5 l of alcohol beverages, containing from 2,5% to 22% alcohol volume
  • 3 l of beverages, containing less than 2,5% alcohol volume
  • 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of other tobacco products
  • Mineral water, chocolate and other confectionery can be carried tax-free, but You have to be older than 12 years old.
If you wants to carry more, then you will be subjected to Custom duties.

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